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CIA World Factbook Visualization
Moritz Stefaner
Project Description:
As a follow-up job, Moritz Stefaner developed a visual semantic web browser for the project WINDS, an EC-funded project in the 5th Framework, Information Society Technologies programme, Flexible University key action. The main goal of WINDS is to contribute to the reorganisation of the pedagogical, cultural and functional aspects of design education at university.

Stefaner produced this flash demo that allows an incredibly smooth navigation through the content of the CIA Factbook, jumping from country to country with extreme fluidity. For every country one can easily see its neighboring countries, the official languages, water and terrestrial boundaries, and even more detailed info by expanding the country's sphere. The visualized data came from a semi-automatically generated learning object index of the eLearning environment ALE.

Comments (2):
Cool and descriptive style of info presentation, wonder if the tool can be made available for free use.,

Posted by Rajeswari Pingali on May 24, 2007 at 6:42 AM (GMT)

Although I do see items as I work through the map that need correcting - Trinidad and Tobago probably shouldn't be blue circles when on St.Kitts because they're islands and that sort of thing, but the information is really handled well and it's a brilliant demonstration of an effective information/visual design. This is very beautifully done and I, like many others I imagine, want to know if you have free-sourced the code yet.

Posted by Stevie Black on Jan 29, 2009 at 2:07 PM (GMT)

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