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Japan Travel-Time Map
Kohei Sugiura
Alexander Hamilton Institute
Project Description:
This remarkable graph shows a travel-time map from an issue of the Japanese magazine Shukan Asahi. The shortest travel times (not counting waiting time) from Tokyo to various points around Japan using airplanes and trains were plotted in this deformed map. Data was taken from the 1969 issue of the Japan National Railways timetables. Coordinates for the various areas were determined by time coordinates using concentric circles centering on Tokyo and by topographical directions centering on Tokyo. To obtain an accurate concept of the space in this deformed map, one ought to conceive a topographical map like a prune that is all shriveled up.

Source: Herdeg, Walter. Graphis Diagrams. 4th Expanded ed. Zurich, Switzerland: Graphics Press Corp., 1981.

Comments (2):
Hi, you can find a nice and complete documentation about this travel-time graph, and much more about maps and diagrams in Japan, in Idea #324 — 2007. 09.

Posted by Jean-Michel on Feb 27, 2009 at 9:45 PM (GMT)

According to my source, this travel-time map was designed by Kohei Sugiura.

Posted by Jean-Michel on Feb 28, 2009 at 9:03 AM (GMT)

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