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Code Profiles
W. Bradford Paley
Whitney Museum of American Art
Project Description:
Commissioned for the Whitney Museum of American Art's "CODeDOC" exhibition, CodeProfiles explores the space of code itself: the program reads itself into memory, prints itself on the page, then traces three points as they once moved through that space.

The written code stacks like unkempt piles of books; three colored lines bind it all together tracing three different interpretations. A paper-white line traces the writer's insertion point. It is lightest in scribbles toward the middle-right, where the most recent code (the code that produced the print itself) was added. A warm amber line simulates the fixation point: where the human eye might jump as it reads; left to right, top to bottom. And cathode-ray-tube green traces the execution point of the program; showing what parts of the program the computer read constantly, overlapping to make wide swaths of light; or rarely, in a choppy web.

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