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Tsunami Visual Thesaurus
Patrick Vuarnoz
Hochschule fur Gestaltung und Kunst Zurich - Interaction Design
Project Description:
"Tsunami" is a visual prototype on the topic "visual thesaurus". The aim of this visual thesaurus is to avoid the resulting visual complexity of too many connecting lines between the term of interest and the describing terms, which interferes with the readability of the information. Instead it tries to reduce the complexity-problem by having all terms on a fix position within the system, which might be grouped by thematic regions. This allows to display other information, in this example the path a user takes and the terms he skipped while browsing the system.

The issue of overlapping edges in complex graphs is an ever-present concern in most network visualizations. In static graph representations, Mark Lombardi is a major reference by the cleanness of his drawings, where rarely there's any edge overlapping. Here, Patrick Vuarnoz, taking advantage of user interaction, explores a fresh approach to the problem, which with more matureness and avoiding excessive use of sound might derive in an important contribution.

Comments (2):
Amazing ! A completely new and form of word communication. The patterns of constellations too.

Posted by Will on Jul 16, 2007 at 3:27 AM (GMT)

Excellent! Words are knots alive in a magical fishing net woven to catch meanings. De_fining a word leaves trails of blood. The lexicographer's accurate scalpel severs lifelines around the knot, drains excess blood, and pins it down on a sheet of paper. This corpse is a lemma.

Posted by Laurentiu. A.Costache on Feb 2, 2008 at 3:27 PM (GMT)

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