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Community Browser
Holly Coleman, Boris Muller, Josh On
Interaction Design Institute Ivrea
Project Description:
Part of the Connected Communities research project at the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea, the Community Browser's goal is to create an awareness of a community, by facilitating an easy way to see and find others, and find oneself in a particular social context.

Every member of the community is represented as an icon. So every member of the community can find herself / himself in a social context. It is possible to find out, who else is in the community and who shares similar ideas or works on the same projects. The personal profile, i.e. the sum of all activities and contributions of a member are accessible via the icon. So the Community Browser is both a tool for visualisation and navigation.

The interaction is quite interesting and fresh. The user can easily navigate through his/her "small-world" in a rotating globe and look for a particular person. The concept seems like a clever analogy to "The Little Prince" story, by Antoine de Saint Exupery.

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