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Ricard Montolio, Noemi Guillaumet
Project Description:
Nodecurated is a management tool for online curatorships. This tool synthesizes the basic parameters defined in the functions of author as manager and work of art as a tool, where the user plays the determinant role in its configuration. Nevertheless, this project aims to be a tool of analysis of the practices of creation on the net. In this way, an open context is defined in the environment of cultural production on the net, favoring the presence of conceptual suggestions in the area of digital practices.

Nodecurated is a system of information visualization for curatorial projects on the net, a field where there is too much dependence on traditional curatorial projects. Nodecurated proposes to rethink of the net from the net itself, putting forward a tool of dialogue, where the different suggestions of curatorial practice do not remain unheard but open to multiple relationships through the process of the reading of these.

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