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The World Government
Bureau d'etude
Universite Tangente
Project Description:
Universite Tangente (UT) has produced some of the most amazing maps in an attempt to uncover major contemporary control systems. Mark Lombardi would truly be impressed by the level of detail and thought that went into some of the intricate network maps produced by UT. It's not only a great cartographic resource for understanding the current global issues, but also, a rich source of knowledge and history.

This map, entitled "The World Government", is an attempt to understand how world governance behaves, by analyzing its major contributors, from independent states, financial institutions, industrial firms, foundations, schools, universities, NGO's, international organizations, lobbyist groups, religious institutions, and others, in an endless network of influence. Dozens of icons represent each of these key players spread throughout the graph, while lines between them represent different types of ties. A special icon was created to characterize a percentage of property between elements.

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