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Dezzie Dimbitsara
Project Description:
Dezzie Dimbitsara, an alumni from the Frank Mohr Instituut's MFA program in Interactive Media and Environments (IME), has been creating appealing installations and generative works, that can be seen on her website (

Her IPSE installation allows people to visualize "the invisible" links between each other. The visual depicts those links depending of the way people interact in the space. A video tracking program is used to locate each person and a projection on the ground shows those links. Distance and time are used as parameters to define the way links are moving in the space. The way links are created is inspired by rhizome patterns.

As the author explains: "My aim is to create a place, which makes us remember, the obvious equality between human beings (obvious, but it is necessary to be remembered about it). By this equality I mean, that it is important to see again in the stranger, the alter ego. I do believe that the rehabilitation of the gaze, the simple awareness of the other as an equal and not as a threat is a first step to establish better relationship in social life."

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