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GPS Drawing
Jeremy Wood
Project Description:
The GPS Drawing website features a great array of GPS tracking visual representations. The work developed by Jeremy Wood is exhibited as printed editions and sculptures as part of ongoing research into writing over the earth and drawing with ourselves as we move.

Amongst the documentation and representations on the site are contributions and collaborative material. The idea of using GPS as a drawing tool grew from recording the holding-pattern of a commercial airline flight from Berlin to London in October 2000. It has since been developed to incorporate the recording of all of Jeremy Wodd's trajectories as a digital trail. Recent work includes the presentation of Wodd's tracks as cartographic journals in a study of his movements over the past few years.

The raw GPS data is the material for digital and physical representation. The drawing takes place as and when one is being recorded by the GPS. As the author explains: "We draw with ourselves as we move and map our experiences along the way. Much like the compass, theodolite and sextant before it, it is being used to identify new aspects of our journeys".

The website gallery contains GPS drawings created over land, on water, and in the air along with GPS maps and experiments.

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