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Email Constellations
Raffi Krikorian
Project Description:
This project aims to be a free, flexible, and easily modifiable visualisation tool that allows a user to intuitively understand their online social group structure. This software was inspired by social network fragments and buddy graph -- this code has all the functionality from its counterparts (except zoom) that could be implemented in a generic fashion. As the author explains: "Colouring is not in this software as it is currently impossible to colour the graph without asking the user to classify his or her entire mail network manually; it is too hard to do automatic classification and colouring of e-mail addresses".

In this example, the user's mailbox scanned has been relaxed into about 10 different social groups. by looking at To:, From:, and Cc: headers, this tool constructs a graph of who knows who. each "star" represents a person, and each "constellation line" draws out the relationship.

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