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Travel-time Maps
Chris Lightfoot, Tom Steinberg
Project Description:
Transport maps and timetables help people work out how to get from A to B using buses, trains and other forms of public transport. But what if you don't yet know what journey you want to make? How can maps help then? Putting Time at the core of a map's informational value, Chris Lightfoot and Tom Steinberg produced a series of maps using colours and contour lines to show how long it takes to travel between one particular place and every other place in the area, using public transport. They also show the areas from which no such journey is possible, because the services are not good enough.

The images shown here are from the Greater London area and surrounds, and the contour lines are representative of half-hour intervals. At this scale the suburbs of London appear to be arranged along a southwest?northeast axis, a result of good rail links to Surbiton and Twickenham (at the ends of the two red tendrils which stretch away from the center to lower left). Other rail lines, such as those to Bromley and Orpington in the southeast, are also visible, as are islands of short journey time such as Watford (northwest), Hersham and Esher (southwest); these surround individual locations with fast (c. 1 hour) journey times into central London.

Comments (1):
This work has been extended by Stamen: there are interactive Flash controls, plus an overlay of housing prices. User-specified centering is still not an option.

Posted by Meng Weng Wong on Mar 29, 2008 at 7:27 PM (GMT)

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