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Mapping The Blogosphere
Matthew Hurst
Project Description:
Matthew Hurst is Director of Research at Intelliseek and co-creator of BlogPulse. Hurst maintains in his blog a gallery of images visualizing different aspects of the blogosphere.

The first graph is only showing the links between the blogs, which as argued by the author gives us a far better look at the structure than if we include all the nodes. In this image, we are looking at the core of the blogosphere. The dark edges show the reciprocal links (where A has cited B and B has cited A), the lighter edges indicate a-reciprocal links. The larger, denser area of the graph is that part of the blogosphere generally characterised by socio-political discussion (the periphery contains some topical groupings). Above and to the left is that area of the blogosphere concerned with technical discussion and gadgetry.

The second graph is essentially the same as the above with the nodes added. The size of the nodes represents the number of inlinks to the blog. The colours represent the URL - blogs hosted at the same domain have the same colour.

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