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Research Chronology 2
Aaron Siegel
Project Description:
Research Chronology is a chronological visualization of bookmarking activity, powered by information retrieved from the social bookmarking web site. Users are invited to enter their username and password and allow the visualization to map out their research activity along a time line, connecting posts together with tag lines.

The result is truly beautiful and engaging and the visualization controls are very useful and smartely applied. My favorite mode is seeing all tags with bezier curves and numerically colored and listed. Quite a stunning visual appearence! One can filter any tag and interact with individual bookmarked URLs, represented as dots on screen. By doing that there's additional info for each bookmark: date, time, title, URL and tags used.

The combination of tag lines and the investigation of tag usage ends up revealing trends in the users bookmarking habits which is such a rich outcome. My only two comments to improve readibility: Add a roll-over state for every line (that states the tag it represents) and make the horizontal line for the 1st day of each month more proeminent to better understand where each month begins/ends.

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