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Takayuki Fukatsu
Project Description:
Amaznode is a relation based search engine for developed in Adobe Flash. This search engine visualizes a relation network of products in amazon, from the statistical data of "customers who bought this item also bought". Amaznode is not only a curiosity application but also a serious research tool. There are several studies that could be made with this tool for better understanding user behaviors and purchasing patterns, or the hidden characteristics of products. On a first glance it's easy to observe how certain clusters seem very independent from the remaining network and how certain products are so popular and "well-connected" in opposition to distant/isolated ones.

The size of each book cover is proportional to its linkage and each thumbnail is clickable. One can also go to directly from the network and go through with the purchase.

Because Amaznode provides such an interesting experience for browsing books and enables you to make a direct link to a particular search query, I decided to include it in the VC Books section, as an extra feature.

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