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Pop Sketch Series
Jake Elliott
Project Description:
Pop Sketch Series, as the name implies, is a series of drawings generated from pop songs. The songs are analyzed note-by-note. At each note, a line is drawn. The angle at which the line is drawn is determined by the pitch of the note and the length of the line is determined by the volume of the note. The result is a series of playful, doodle-like, linear drawings.

As the author puts it: "Pop music is engineered by professional adults for consumption by teenagers. The content of nearly all of these songs is an assertion of sexual maturity, and they are being marketed to a group dealing with that issue, but simultaneously with serious issues of loss as they conclude pre-adolescence (or childhood). I like to frame this series as a reinterpretation of the pop music media set that addresses the latter issue and discards the former, to create a more balanced product for this target market."

The first image represents the song "I want it that way", while the second illustrates the resulting sketch for "Bailamos"

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