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Ignacio Alvarez-Hamelin, Luca Dall'Asta, Alain Barrat, Alessandro Vespignani
Indiana University, Universite Paris-Sud and CNRS
Project Description:
LaNet-vi provides images of large scale networks on a two-dimensional layout. The authors used the k-core decomposition based on a recursive pruning of the least connected vertices which allows to disentangle the hierarchical structure of networks by progressively focusing on their central cores. With this strategy the authors developed a general visualization algorithm that can be used to compare the structural properties of various networks and highlight their hierarchical structure.

The first image represents major airports in the globe and the data was obtained from the International Air Transportation Association (IATA). Each node represents an airport and each edge is a regular flight between two airports. Colors are assigned according to the coreness: vertices with coreness 1 are violet, and the maximum coreness vertices are red, following the rainbow color scale.

The second one considers scientists who have authored manuscripts submitted to the e-print archive relative to condensed matter physics between 1995 and 1998. Scientists are identified with nodes and an edge exists between two scientists if they have co-authored at least one paper. The data was provided by Mark Newman, University of Michigan.

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