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Chart Arcs
Martin Dittus
Project Description:
These images belong to a series of graphs, created by a staff member, that try to better understand music listening behavior over time by possibly answering questions such as: How frequently do you change your listening habits? How mainstream is your taste?

Based on a person's weekly charts, points represent chart positions while arcs represent chart movements. Point size corresponds to the combined reach of artists that inhabited this chart position.Point color signifies chart entry and exit points: The green color component of a point corresponds to the number of times this chart position was an entry point for a rising artist, and the red color component the number of times this chart position was an exit point for a falling artist.

Arcs are directional and drawn clockwise: In the left half of a graph they point from bottom to top, in the right half from top to bottom. Arc strength corresponds to the combined reach of artists that moved from the source to the target position.

The visualizations were created with Processing and are apparently based on The Shape of Song by Martin Wattenberg.

Comments (1):
is there a way we can produce one of these graphs for our own music tastes

Posted by Paul Olley on Jun 11, 2007 at 10:36 AM (GMT)

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