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Dennis Lorson
Project Description:
Pathway is a free Mac application designed to help you navigate through the immense knowledge of Wikipedia without getting lost. It accomplishes this by presenting you with a graphical network representation of your visited article pages. A node represents an article, a connection between two nodes means, of course, that you've gone from the first article to the second one. You can save the network you've created to disk and recover it. This way, you're able to keep track of everything: what you've looked at, how you got there and just how it all fits together.

As the author explains: "My idea for Pathway originated when browsing Wikipedia. I would always start off quite focused on a certain subject. Unfortunately, Wikipedia articles tend to be full of distracting links, just screaming to be clicked on. Soon enough, I found myself totally lost in myriads of loosely related pages (...) What I needed, was an application that could easily archive the path I follow through Wikipedia pages".

Pathway is free to download (only for mac though) and it's a work in progress. It is currently available in English, French, Hungarian and Dutch.

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