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Modeling Music Recommendations with JSViz
Kyle Scholz
Project Description:
JSViz makes it easy to create dynamic 2D views of information, in particular Force Directed and Tree Graphs, using JavaScript. Practical applications include network graphs, navigation, and other dynamic layouts. Kyle Scholz, the creator of JSViz, has been posting in his blog several examples where JSViz can be used to enhance the representation and understanding of a particular system.

In the example shown here, presented as a tutorial at The Ajax Experience conference, Scholz demonstrates how to make a complete interactive application with JSViz, that models music recommendations using's Similarity API. The application enables a user to search for music by artist. When the user selects an album, they see a graph model reperesenting the album's relationship to similar albums, based on buying history.

This project closely resembles MusicMap in both behavior and representation.

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