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Kirill Edelman, Levon Amelyan
Project Description:
This project will certainly help many people who write me about finding an easy-to-use tool that can produce similar graph/network structures as the ones featured in is a free mind mapping that helps people brainstorm and organize ideas online. In traditional brainstorming, or "mind mapping", one writes a central idea on a piece of paper, draws a circle around it and starts branching off with new ideas, creating a free form diagram. allows you to do this online.

You can create simple or complex "bubble maps" and save them, print them out, share them with your friends or post them on your website. uses a simple user interface with almost no learning curve. You can brainstorm while barely touching the mouse. The main goal of the project was to create a simple yet powerful interface. As the authors explain: "Many websites or programs geared towards idea visualization are way too complex. There are simply too many buttons. We all know that no one voluntarily reads documentation".

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