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Mapa de Fisiologia Humana (Map of Human Physiology)
Mario Dvorkin, Romina Romano, Eduardo Mercovich
Project Description:
Physiology is the branch of biology dealing with the functions and activities of living organisms and their parts, including all physical and chemical processes. In this project the authors wanted to map the highly interconnected and interdependent domain of Human Physiology from a functional point of view, serving as the reference place from which to understand and study many physiological and clinical concepts and functions. As the authors explain: "The map was based on concepts and it was done by hand and eye (no hard data) in an exercise that involves more art than science. Sizes and colors were designed to show grouping and convey a sense of relative importance, while allowing the reader to see many routes and levels connected but distincly followable".

The map of human physiology is part of the book "Bases fisiologicas de la practica medica", Best & Taylor, Editorial Medica Panamericana, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2004. In the book, it comes as a detached 8 page flyer of 55 x 80 cm, where the colors work as a book organizer by categorizing its content.

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