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Alexander Vityaz, Valery Polyakh
Project Description:
Walk2Web is a visualization tool that invites you to "Walk, Explore, and Have Fun" while surfing the web. The tool is quite interesting, useful and appealing. It allows you to jump from site to site while at the same time maintaining a macro perspective on the entire linked network. You begin by entering a URL and then you are presented with a visual map of all the websites which are linked to it and from it. From there you can just start "walking" through the different links which show a screenshot of the correspondent website by simply mousing over it.

Walk2Web has later included a service that allows to get the an HTML code for adding "Live Sites Shows" to any website or blog, which shows screen shots of the sites that are being visited on Walk2Web. There is also a snippet code for a "Walk ME" button, which starts surfing the Web from any site where it's implemented.

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