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MapStan Search
Project Description:
MapStan Search displays your search results on a "district map" where the pages are grouped by site. Squares represent sites and are linked by streets that indicate their similarity. When several sites are always linked in the same searches, they are grouped within a single square. In this way, you get a visual synthesis of your results and of the proximity between pages.

MapStan Search extends your search result (red), with the most relevant pages (blue) from similar searches. This way, you benefit from the result of hundreds of searches with a single search query. Thanks to this unique function, according to the authors, you no longer need to run multiple searches to find your information.

Another interesting functionality of MapStan is its "Explore" feature, which allows you to draw up a map of all the sites that resemble a pre-defined one. It then arranges each site around the selected site (red) on the basis of their similarity in previous searches.

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