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Spamdemic Map
Bob West
Project Description:
Spamdemic is an impressive diagram that represents the intricate and perfidious web of connections between spam companies. As the author explains:

"It's long been known that spammers sell victim's addresses to each other. Keep that in mind as you look at the map... and remember that despite their cries of Permission Marketing Works! I have not given my email address to a single one of the companies that appear on the Spamdemic Map, nor have I given them permission to send me email... yet nearly all of them seem to have one or more of my addresses, and most are spamming me. Items in black on the map indicate entities that have spammed me or are involved in supporting the spammer; grey indicates companies that haven't spammed me, but may now have my address, due to their relationships with the spammers; green indicates ownership; dashed lines indicate tentative connections."

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