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Pascal Chirol
Project Description:
Word A is a hypernym (Hyperonyme in French) of word B if A's meaning encompasses the meaning of B, that is, if B is a kind of A. For example, plant is hypernymic to flower. Pascal Chirol used the analogy of this semantic relation to name a striking application he built using processing. The software generates graphic representations of the internal folders and pyramidal file structures of a computer's hard drive, which become a navigation alternative to the common OS interface. As Pascal points out: "It is important to note that the machine here, is more like a pile of data on arranged disks, a frozen package of small entities, as an immoral and organized structure on a magnetic medium".

One of the most appealing features of this application (as seen on the video) are the different levels of interaction with nodes and clusters, making a good use of the concept of progressive disclosure to reveal portions of the network when needed.

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