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Human Flows
Miguel Cabanzo, Nathan Yau, Monica Sanchez, Iman Moradi
Project Description:
Developed as part of the Visualizar workshop in Madrid, and initiated by Miguel Cabanzo, Human Flows is a visualization project that aims at mapping global migration flows in an effort to better understand its causes, and maybe more importantly, unveil the relations between them.

The enormous amount of non-European immigrants that have landed in the last century have modified every aspect of Europe. European citizens have learned how to live with immigrants, corporations have learned how to profit from them, politicians have learned how to deal with them, and police forces have learned how to avoid them. On the other side, these newcomers are key elements on the future development of the continent. They are not just learning how to speak another language or dealing with social and legal pressures, they're working, buying and selling goods, earning and sending money.

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