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Muckety LLC
Project Description:
Muckety is published by Muckety LLC, a company founded in 2006 by a team with years of experience in journalism, technology and online publishing. The daily news and information site is based on online databases, extensive research and old-fashioned journalism. But one of the key strengths of the Muckety site is the interactive map display of news and articles, similar to CNET's Big Picture.

After performing a search and choosing from the search results, you'll get a map that shows connections between people and organizations. To view descriptions of the relations, click anywhere on the map to activate it. When you pass your mouse over connecting lines, you'll see a popup box describing the connections. Solid lines represent current relationships; dotted lines show former relationships. You can also re-center a map around one or more players by clicking on the map background and dragging your mouse to draw a temporary box around them. The chosen boxes will be highlighted in pink.

While Muckety uses Wordpress as a publishing system for their stories, the maps are built using Java, which interacts with the news database (mySQL) through Java servlets. As they explained on the site: "We get our data from a variety of sources (publicly available data as well as licensed databases). Keeping the information up to date is a big task, and we are constantly checking to see that our data is up to date. We are refining, updating and adding to our data all of the time".

Comments (1):
Muckety is the best! I have been a daily user of Mindmaps for over 6 years. I create several every day. I am excited about the way Muckety presents relationships. How can I get more involved? I would like to create my own muckety-type relationship maps about various things in my life and career.

Posted by Patrick Lynch on Feb 25, 2008 at 5:36 PM (GMT)

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