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City Distances
Santiago Ortiz (et al)
Project Description:
This tridimensional scheme represents the strength of relations between cities from searches on google. The main idea is to compare the number of pages on the Internet where two cities appear close to each other, in opposition to the number of pages where they appear isolated. This proportion indicates some kind of relationship intensity between the cities. After measuring this "google proximity" the authors divided it by its geographical distance. By doing this, they were able to obtain an indicator of the relationship strength in spite of real distance, a kind of "informational distance" between cities.
Comments (1):
Why is it an act of god to get the distances between cities in the USA. All I get is hotel information location af Bra shops, hotdog stands ETC: ETC.

Posted by Archer Smith on Jan 5, 2009 at 5:28 PM (GMT)

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