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Last FM tasteOgraph
Agustin Abreu
Project Description:
Using the lastFM API and the SpringGraph Flex component, this Flex application shows the relationships between music tastes of different lastFM users. You can either see pre-populated graphs of lastFM users, or search for any other user. The search feature works well, as you can keep on looking for your friends and comparing your closeness when it comes to music taste.

SpringGraph is a Adobe Flex 2.0 component that displays a set of items that are linked to each other. The component calculates the layout for the items using an organic-looking annealing algorithm based on the size and links of each item, and draws lines to represent the links. The component allows the user to drag and/or interact with individual items. Data can be provided in XML or as Actionscript objects. The Roamer component is an extension to SpringGraph for browsing large graphs of 10,000 items.

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