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Martin Grothmaak, Jurgen Spath
Projekttriangle Information Design, Stuttgart, Germany
Project Description:
This research tool looks for information in big databases or on the Internet, evaluates it and displays it geometrically. The dynamic model illustrates both the content-based relationships between search criteria and the generation of search results. The results appear not as a list but as data clouds in the form of points in a circle around the central search word. If you search for information about Japan, for example, all the available information on that country appears as points distributed in a circle.

The points closest to the search word contain a lot of information about Japan and the more distant ones less. If a second word - museums - is entered at the edge of the circle the points rearrange themselves dynamically. The user can now look at a point in more detail that is close to the word 'museums' but relatively far from 'Japan'. The information revealed when one clicks on the point turns out to be a museum of ethnology with Japanese exhibits.

Source: Fawcett-Tang, Robert, and William Owen. Mapping: An Illustrated Guide to Graphic Navigational Systems. Rockport Publishers, 2002.

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