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Sync Lost
Herbert Rafael, Ricardo Wagner, Pedro Miguel Cruz, Helder Robalo, Jonathas Sampaio and Lucas Cancela
3bits Lab
Project Description:
The popularization of electronic instruments and computers, allied to the broad and easy reachable information through the internet, enabled the appearance of countless rhythmic structures, giving rise to new styles and sub styles within contemporary electronic music.

Created in Processing, SyncLost is a multi-user immersive installation on the history of electronic music. The project's objective is to create an interface where users can view all the connections between the main styles of electronic music through visual and audible feedback.

When you click on a particular node, all connections are shown - where the style comes from and which had been influenced by it - furthermore the music plays and a representative textual information is displayed. The visual feedback is given in real time, according to the user's choice. The music rhythm serves as a visualization parameter of the style's icon, creating multiple sonorous visualizations. You control the visualization through wiimote controls, while audible feedback is given through wireless headphones.

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