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RAMA - Relational Artist Maps
Diogo Costa, Luis Sarmento, Fabien Gouyon
Project Description:
RAMA is a prototype web-based application for visualizing and interacting with networks of music artists. It uses data of roughly 200,000 artists and 3 million tags, collected from's API. Data includes artists similarities, associated tags and popularity.

RAMA provides two simultaneous layers of information: (1) a graph built from artist similarity data, modeled as a physical system representing nodes as negatively charged particles and edges as springs; (2) overlaid labels containing user-defined tags.

A number of different features aim at providing enhanced browsing experiences to users: RAMA emphasizes commonalities as well as main differences between artists, and users can interact with the graph in different ways. Optionally, users can edit graphs manually, removing some artists and expanding artist's neighbors.

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