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Social Network Fragments
Danah Boyd, Jeff Potter
Sociable Media Group - MIT Media Lab
Project Description:
"Social Network Fragments was developed as a self-awareness tool for individuals to explore the social networks that they create without structural consideration. Our goal was to help users examine their structure so as to unveil the structural holes that are built in such complex networks. These structural holes exist when users choose to fragment portions of their network, often revealing facets of their own identity. As an individual interacts with a diverse range of people, they are motivated to reveal different aspects of their identity, thereby creating a multi-faceted social identity, whereby different people know different things about the individual. This faceting of one's identity allows them to interact in a socially appropriate way in a wide variety of potential environments. In engaging in this behavior, individuals start to segment their social network into a variety of different clusters, or types of people. Often, these people are only aware of a fraction of the individual's entire social network, those with similar identity information."
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