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Non-geographic mapping
Jonathan J. Harris
Princeton University
Project Description:
This experimental map was produced for Princeton University's International Networks Archive, an organization dedicated to finding a new way of mapping our world. The INA believes that geography is becoming increasingly irrelevant, and that there should be a new system of mapping, based on global transactions instead of geography. This map is an exploration into this theory, and reconfigures 23 world cities based on travel time between the cities instead of distance. By clicking on different cities, the other world cities will slide to reflect their travel time from the chosen hub. The icons along the left of the window represent the various means of transport, and the time cost of each, in travelling between the hub and the highlighted city.
Comments (1):
"geography is becoming increasingly irrelevant" should probably be "physical distance is becoming less relevant"

Posted by lev on Jan 3, 2009 at 6:37 PM (GMT)

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