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Verben im Kontext
Gerhard Dirmoser
Project Description:
In the last years, Gerhard Dirmoser has developed a set of strikingly complex visualization posters under the theme "Art-in-Context" (Die Kunst der Ausstellung). The form of this context is usually a diagram in the size of a poster (aprox. 240cm x 180cm), split in 4 parts.

Dirmoser has been systematically observing and analyzing Ars Electronica for 25 years, and has produced a thematic graphic representation of all perspectives, aspects and individuals that seem relevant to Ars Electronica. In this piece, Verben im Kontext (Verbs in Context) - How to do things with words, Dirmoser maps 44,000 verbs used in the texts generated by the past 25 years of Ars Electronica.

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