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Sofia Oliveira, Jared Hawkey, Heitor Ferreira
Project Description:
TODAY is an application that visualizes your personal mobile communication. It sits on the periphery of your mobile, monitoring your connectivity through the number and type of calls made and received, subtly displaying them back to you, in the form of a generative graphic. Here, the visual result is a figurative and seemingly abstract picture - the story of your day. Some days will be really colourful and wired, others quieter and more reflective, either way the resulting visuals will always be personal, unrepeatible and unique.

Each event (call or message) has a graphic symbol that appears on the screen immediately after it happened. The position of the symbols follows a chronological spiral structure, where the last event is displayed at the center of the spiral. This means that everytime there is a new event, all the graphic symbols move one position, the result being an ever changing and evolving image.

Based on your phone usage, the program generates a graphic of your communication, whereby each phone number used during the course of the cycle, is given a colour and each communication with that colour is measured in time and intensity. Intensity is given visual weight through the speed by which you attend the call: an urgent call being literally more colour saturated than an untimely unknown number.

You can download the mobile client to any S60 device and visualize your mobile communication for up to a week.

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