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We Wired
Daniele Galiffa (et al)
Ogilvy Interactive
Project Description:
In order to represent the buzz around the upcoming italian version of Wired magazine, Daniele Galiffa worked with Ogilvy Interactive on the project - a visualization on the different connections between time, people, themes, and social media (twitter, flickr, youtube, facebook) that contributed to the awareness of the new magazine's launch.

As the authors explain: "We decided to use a Node-Edge Graph representation in order to better understand the context where each item (author, post or picture) actually is. Using such representation could also offer a quick insight about "hidden" relationships among related items (more over among authors speaking about similiar themes). Real-time filters (such as time range and/or social media) could also help to better understand and discover conversations, without losing focus on the selected item."

Comments (1):
very good! Send for me a image full resolution!

Posted by michael on Mar 11, 2009 at 4:42 AM (GMT)

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