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Norimichi Hirakawa
Project Description:
As the author explains: "When I think about NetSurfing, I find that we are net surfers who can't swim (...) we are never free on the net without the browser ready-made surf board". Almost everyone has heard the expression NetSurfing, but while surfing has some spatial nuance, using this expression for our virtual behavior on the Internet, through a network of links and URLs, is something quite foreign.

Norimichi Hirakawa has explored the strangeness of this concept in his project DriftNet, where instead of surfing he prefers to use drift. DriftNet is a projection based project where a web site is visited and its visual appearance is translated in such a way to create a topographical landscape (or wave) based on the site's content and color.

Comments (1):
Very beautiful ideas, very beautiful pictures. I agree completely.

Posted by Elijah on Mar 13, 2009 at 5:57 PM (GMT)

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