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Eno Henze
Project Description:
I've wanted to add the brilliant work of Eno Henze to VC for quite some time, but I was struggling a bit with its abstract artistic nature. I'm not sure why, since it hasn't stopped me before. In fact, if you want to read more on the noticeable bond between VisualComplexity and Generative Art, read my blog post on this topic.

Eno Henze is a generative artist, based in Berlin, who has produced a great array of outstanding projects. What's so interesting about Henze's work is the strangely organic and painterly outcome based on code. The images shown here are from a commissioned piece for Aurora - Norwich International Animation Festival, part of an ongoing series of computer drawings entitled "The Human Factor", which Eno Henze started in 2006. As he explains: "In this series I try to stress the idea of a drawing that is the result of a collaborative process between me and the machine".

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Posted by Tania on Mar 30, 2009 at 3:06 PM (GMT)

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