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Ars Electronica - Collaboration Structure of Cultural Projects
Project Description:
FAS.research is a research institution located in Vienna, Austria, which has been previously featured in VC [1] [2] [3].

When FAS.research organized and curated "Language of Networks" together with Ars Electronica for the renowned festival in 2004, they took a closer look at all the international artists and scientists collaborating ever since 1979. The graph shown here displays the project collaboration structure from the first days of the Ars Electronica Festival up to 2004. Time Analysis reveals that over the years the global Ars Electronica community has grown together and is interacting more intensely.

Each white node represents one of the 2575 artists collaborating together on 5176 projects. If two actors collaborated with one another they are connected through a line. Each Festival year represents a different color. You can also see other visualizations made by FAS.research on their online gallery.

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