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Spam Annual Report 2007
Daniel Burger
FH Dusseldorf
Project Description:
2007 was a record year in spam. Worldwide, more than 346 trillion spam emails were sent, which represent about 98% of all e-mail traffic. In an effort to understand who is behind the spam and why it's so difficult to effectively combat the phenomenon, Daniel Burger, as part of his thesis in FH Dusseldorf, produced a striking book (164 pages) with amazing information design posters depicting different aspects of one year's spam in 2007.

The annual report is based on the results of intensive searches and summarizes a variety of sources. From literature and the Internet, data, facts and information about spam and spammers were collected for this work. As spammers rarely voluntarily provide information on their illegal operations to disclose, Burger had to look at a variety of publications, organizations, government agencies, market researchers, scientists and software companies, in order to get the information he needed.

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