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Monitoring and Visualizing
Christopher Adjei, Nils Holland-Cunz
University of Applied Sciences Mainz
Project Description:
Which artists are a "one-hit wonder" and which artists have a constant fan-community? Are Radiohead supporters more receptive to different music trends than hip-hop artist Nelly's fans? Where do certain music genres cumulate and where is a recently launched album heard first?

In order to answer these and other questions, Christopher Adjei and Nils Holland-Cunz have observed and analyzed the growing music social network service over a period of four months. The results from their observations were presented in a set of striking visualizations made in Processing, and divided in four parts: Comparing fan-groups, Fluctuation of fans, Album-Release, and Cumulation of genres.

The first image shows the fluctuation of fans of Icelandic singer Bjork, while the second represents the cumulation of the "Metal" genre across Europe.

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