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SpamGhetto: junk-mail wallcovering
Project Description:
Everyday our mailboxes are flooded with unsolicited offers of porn material, pirate software, viagra, illegal financial services and advice on women seduction. A quick glance at the spam mailbox always provides fresh inspiration: bizarre subjects guides us in the quest for the definitive answer to fundamental human problems. But the crisis is striking and we must recycle.

Instead of sweeping spam under the carpet, the authors of SpamGhetto decided to save some junk-mail in order to turn it into a wallpaper before it's too late, since as they proclaim "someday a brilliant scientist will find the definitive solution to eradicate from the web the bittersweet pleasure of spam".

If you provide them with your room's dimensions, they can produce a SpamGhetto design wrapping and folding around shapes and objects on your wall's surface.

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