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TouchGraph Google Browser
Martin Spernau
TouchGraph LLC
Project Description:
Java application that uses the Web API to produce graphs of related pages by running "similar-to" queries on Google. Google ranks search results partly based upon the number and importance of links pointing to a particular page. The TouchGraph Google Browser uses Google's database to determine and display the links between a URL that you enter and other pages on the web. The results are displayed in a graph that shows both inbound and outbound relationships between URLs.

Bill Koelzer has written a great feature on the TouchGraph GoogleBrowser in RealityTimes "Once you see your interconnected Web revealed to you on the Touchgraph GoogleBrowser, you will never be the same. This is because you will have actually seen that which you could only imagine before."

"TouchGraph provides a hands-on way to visualize networks of interrelated information. Networks are rendered as interactive graphs, which lend themselves to a variety of transformations. By engaging their visual image, a user is able to navigate through large networks, and to explore different ways of arranging the network's components on screen."

Similar applications have been created using TouchGraph, such as the Amazon Browser and LiveJournal Browser.

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